Large Butterfly Valve


What is Butterfly Valve?

Butterfly valves are quarter-turn rotational motion valves used in pipelines to stop, regulate and start flow. Butterfly valves, a 90° rotation of the handle that can completely close or open the valve, are easy and fast to operate. The main difference between butterfly valves as compared to other valves is the disc. The butterfly valve disc is always in the flow causing a pressure change for any position of the valve.

What are the Types of Butterfly Valves?

Butterfly valves are usually made up of a short circular body, round discs, metal-to-metal or soft seats, top and bottom shaft bearings, and stuffing boxes. There are two main types of Butterfly valve bodies, namely the Wafer type, and the Lug Type. Wafer type is a commonly used design that fits between two flanges, while lug type is usually used in place between two flanges by bolts that join the two flanges. Butterfly valves have few advantages when used in large valve applications as compared to the gate, globe, plug, and ball valve. Weight, space, and cost are the most obvious advantages, the maintenance cost is usually low as there are only a minimal number of moving parts and there is no pocket for a fluids trap. Butterfly valves are perfect when handling a large flow of liquids or gases at relatively low pressure. It’s also suitable for handling slurries or liquid with a large number of suspended solids. The designation of butterfly valves is based on the principle of pipe damper, with the flow control element that consists of a disk of nearly the same diameter as the inside diameter of the adjoining pipe, which axis rotates either vertically or horizontally. Butterfly valves are fully opened when the disk lies parallel to the pipping and the valves are shut off when the disk approaches perpendicular positions. The butterfly valve can also be put into intermediate positions, for throttling purposes, and this action can be secured in place by using the handle-locking devices.

Large Butterfly Valve for Sale

ZECO 96 inch butterfly valve can choose double eccentric structure or triple eccentric structure, double eccentric can use soft sealing structure or hard sealing structure, the triple eccentric structure can use one-way sealing structure and two-way sealing structure. A large diameter butterfly valve may not be immediately installed in the pipeline, so especially pay attention to the valve before installation and maintenance. Medium touching pars and stem are the key parts of a valve, following measures are adopted.
  • The internal side of the valve shall be cleaned with no dregs and stains to keep the cleanness and dryness of the valve.
  • Valve closure parts shall be in the state of closing. If the valve should be lifting, be cautious when lifting, throwing, or falling down is utterly forbidden, especially hand-wheel and stem shall not be the lifting point. ZECO, as the manufacturer of super-large size butterfly valves, devotes itself to researching and designing the problems that may occur in the production or even the delivery to the users when they store the products, and then gives corresponding advance plans to prevent the possible occurrence.

Large Butterfly Valve Cost

Butterfly valves are generally 40% cheaper than iron gate valves, not only in terms of their initial costs but also in terms of their installation costs. Butterfly valves that are properly installed are virtually self-cleaning and are much less susceptible to failure from trash buildup. For access to Costs & Prices, you can find information about the companies that sell butterfly valves in ZECO Valve, along with their contact information.

Features of Large Butterfly Valve

  1. ZECO 96 inch large butterfly valve can be chosen double offset rubber seat. NBR seats are sulfured into the framework increasing the sealing performance. The disc surface is designed into sphere type to reduce contacting area and frictional force;
  2. ZECO large butterfly valve can be chosen double offset PTFE seat. A surplus between the PTFE seat and disc ensures the seal in low pressure;
  3. ZECO large butterfly valve can be chosen triple offset metal seat;
  4. ZECO large butterfly valve can be chosen double offset metal seat.

Centric Type Butterfly Valve Details

Model Rubber Seat Type, Teflon Seat Type, Metal Seat Type, Damper & Other
Material Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium Bronze & Other
Pressure Class JIS10K-20K, ANSI150Lb-300Lb
End Connection Wafer Type, Lug Type, Flanged Type
Operation Manual, Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Electric Motor
Size 1-1/2″(40mm)-96″(2400mm)

Eccentric Type Butterfly Valve Details

Model Teflon Seat Type, Metal Seat Type, Laminat Seat Type & Other
Material Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel & Other
Pressure Class JIS10K-20K, ANSI150Lb-900Lb
End Connection Wafer Type, Lug Type, Flanged Type
Operation Manual, Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Electric Motor
Size 2″(50mm) – 96″(2400mm)

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