Air Valve

Air Valve

Each of ZECO’s single air release valve and double orifice air release valve are high-quality combination air valve, suitable for various sewage and wastewater systems and operating conditions. ZECO’s air release valve uses an irregular round stainless steel ball, each of which has been tested under pressure of more than 40kg. Compared with the hollow plastic ball, it is easier to withstand the instantaneous pressure when the pump is lifted and prevent the ball from collapsing under pressure. Below are our hot sale valves and feel free to contact us for air valve price.

Types of Air Valve

Single Orifice Air Release Valve
Wastewater Air Release Valve
Combination Air Valve
Double Orifice Air Release Valve

Functions of Air Valve

When the system is under pressure, the air valve can discharge a small amount of air and gas effectively; When the system is emptied, the air balance valve sucks in a lot of air. Each adopts the advanced design in line with gas dynamics, with fast inlet and exhaust port, automatic micro exhaust port and waterproof hammer device. The air relief valve avoids air and gas accumulation, water hammer and pressure fluctuation, and has a good sealing performance at low pressure. There are typical application cases in every working condition, such as sewage and wastewater system pump station – discharge air, avoid forming negative pressure and prevent water hammer. Sewage and wastewater system pipes – prevent air and gas from accumulating at the high points of the pipes, the turning points of the slopes and the road/river intersections, eliminate negative pressure, prevent the formation of negative pressure where water column separation is easy to occur in the system, and prevent pressure fluctuations and water hammer; Municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants – prevent air and gas accumulation and negative pressure. Therefore, under any working condition, using the exhaust valve of Zeco, we have the corresponding configuration strategy to meet the requirements of our customers.

Where Should Air Valves Be Placed?

Air valve installation requirements

1. The Air valve must be installed vertically, that is, it must be ensured that the internal float is in a vertical state, so as not to affect the vent;

2. When installing the air valve, it is best to install it together with the isolation valve, so that when the air valve needs to be removed for maintenance, the system can be sealed and water will not flow out;

3. The air valve is generally installed at the highest point of the system, which helps to improve the venting efficiency.

Air valves are generally installed at the commanding heights of the heating system.

1. The floor heating automatic air valve must be installed vertically on the ground, and the float in the valve body must be in a vertical state, and it cannot be installed upside down or horizontally;

2. Since the gas density is smaller than that of water, the vent device will climb along the pipeline to the highest point of the system and gather there. In order to improve the vent efficiency, the air valve is generally installed at the commanding height of the heating system;

3. In order to facilitate the maintenance of the floor heating system, the air valve is generally used together with the isolation valve, so that the system does not need to be shut down to remove the air valve;

4. After the floor heating automatic venting device is installed, the nut must be loosened to vent, but do not unscrew all of it, beware of a lot of water running, and remember to tighten the dust cap after venting.

Water Control Solutions

ZECO has professional solutions to optimize water usage, reuduce costs and maximize energy efficiently.


ZECO Waterworks valves used in water supply are suitable for prolonged underground and outdoor use in demanding conditions and are maintenance-free.


ZECO HVAC valves control the flow balance and stabilise the differential pressure to achieve energy savings in HVAC systems.

Building & Construction

ZECO Building & Construction valves are widely used in commercial buildings and are used by the majority of well-known commercial companies and commercial buildings in China.

Fire Protection

ZECO Fire Protection valves are able to cope with the emergency water piping needs of firefighting, guaranteeing the timely supply of water for firefighting and preventing the safety and stability of firefighting lines.

Oil & Gas

ZECO Oil & Gas Valve are used by oil companies in various countries and plays an important role in the safety and proper operation of oil pipelines.

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