Gate Valve

ZECO is one of the professional gate valve manufacturers, specializing in the production of wedge gate valve and through conduit gate valve products

What is a Gate Valve?

A gate valve is the most common valve for oil & gas industry and water supply systems. It represents a linear-motion isolation valve and has a function to stop or allow the flow. Gate valves got their name from the closure element sliding into the flow stream to provide shutoff and, therefore, acting like a gate.

What is a Gate Valves Used for?

Gate valves are often used when minimum pressure loss and a free bore is needed. When fully open, a typical gate valve has no obstruction in the flow path resulting in a very low pressure loss, and this design makes it possible to use a pipe-cleaning pig. A gate valve is a multiturn valve meaning that the operation of the valve is done by means of a threaded stem. As the valve has to turn multiple times to go from open to closed position, the slow operation also prevents water hammer effects.

Where is Gate Valve commonly Used?

  • Slurries: Gate valves are often used in applications that contain slurries as their media. This is because a gate valve has an unobstructed passageway for the fluid, so the slurry can easily pass through the valve. In addition, knife gate valves can easily cut right through the slurry to close
  • Viscous media: Gate valves are commonly used for viscous media like light grease and oils. The unobstructed passageway allows these medias to flow easily. The valve can be pigged, a common cleaning method for these applications. In addition, valves for these applications are typically on or off for long periods of time.
  • Water gate valves: For water applications, water gate valves are commonly used since flow control is typically not done for these applications. The valve can be fully open or fully closed, allowing for proper water control.

Gate Valve For Sale List By Form

According to the structural form, the gate valve can be divided into Wedge gate valve, through conduit gate valve, slab gate valve, and industrial gate valve. The structure difference is distinguished by the wedge, the wedge and seat of wedge gate valve are degrees, generally, 3 degrees, 5 degrees, the wedge and seat of through conduit gate valve are parallel, through the medium pressure from floating seat or wedge to seal

Gate Valve For Sale List By Drive Mode

The drive mode of the gate valve can be divided into manual, pneumatic and electric, gear operated and motorized. The choice of operation mode is mainly based on the requirements of clients. ZECO can configure the operated actuators and brands required by clients.

Gate Valve For Sale List By Material

When selecting the valve body material of the gate valve, the material should be determined according to the actual conditions of working conditions such as temperature, pressure & medium. Body materials of ZECO gate valves include, but are not limited to stainless steel, wcb, carbon steel, forged and cryogenic.

Gate Valve For Sale List By Size

The size of the pipe determines the size of the gate valve and the rate of flow required through the gate valve is considered first. ZECO international standard valve company manufactures the ball valve of smallest 1/2 inch, 2 inches, 3 inches, 4 inches, 6 inches, 8 inches, 12 inch and maximum 56 inches.

Gate Valve Price

ZECO Valve is a gate valve 1 inch supplier and also manufactures 2 inches gate valve, 4 inch gate valve, gate valve 12 inch and various types of gate valves. If you have a requirement for an industrial gate valve, please consult ZECO Valve for a gate valves price list. We would welcome receiving your enquiry.

Choose ZECO as Your Professional Gate Valve Manufacturer

Gate valves are a major product in API 6D. Gate valve is divided into API 600 and ASME B16.34 according to API standard, which can be applied to low, medium and high-temperature pressure conditions. It basically covers the whole pipeline of petroleum, chemical and natural gas industry. Therefore, the proportion of gate valve in the industrial valve is the same as that of ball valve, which is a very important product.

The industrial gate valve is simple in structure and reliable in use. The wedge is closed and tightened slowly by the inclination and finally achieves the complete sealing condition. On the one hand, it depends on the professional design of technicians, on the other hand, it depends on the professional technology of production line personnel. Gate valve features a lot of, but on the pipeline is particularly important in the fully open position, is equal to the pipe size, meaning that the gate valve is installed directly under the state of full open section pipe, no resistance to medium, which is why the gate amount is so big, because there is no flow resistance and the dielectric saved the cost of the pipeline, with monthly is very large.

Zeco company was founded in 1991, when we introduced Danish technology and specialized in producing API 600 gate valves, we were the first to introduce and start producing cast iron gate valves in the Chinese market. Today is already in 2018, we have been in the field of  oil and gas industry specializing in the production of manufacturing for more than 27 years, and cast steel and forged gate valve has been widely used in China and in major cities of the world’s oil and natural gas systems, from all walks of life in China of the valves in the great cities of the borehole or shopping malls in the pump room and oil pipeline, can see the figure of Zeco in the pipeline. Although now WCB gate valve is very common in the Chinese market, the price is very competite, we believe that with our own 27 years experience in research, development, production and application ability to prove what can save material, wall thickness, where the material, the wall thickness is also can’t go to save a little, because Zeco’s attention is the product of practicability, boast skillful and brand in the global market prices, and the pursuit of cheap, inferior products on the market is a sales, making money, rather than consider the life of the product for a long time. Using case through the nation oil company, in 2007, our products began to give the oil pipeline supply, installation, and so far, did not produce a after-sales maintenance by product problems, although our after-sales service mechanism is at any time, any place can solve customer work under the condition of existing problems, and at the same time can provide the above solution, but we believe that the customer’s requirement is the product there is no problem!