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What is a Pneumatic Gate Valve?

ZECO pneumatic gate valve is a gate valve driven by compressed air. ZECO pneumatic gate valve has stable performance and convenient operation. It has been widely used as a quick cut-off valve in oil, natural gas, and other industrial projects. Pneumatic actuator adopts a double-layer cylinder structure, compared with the ordinary single-cylinder actuator, its lifting force is larger, which solves the problem that the opening torque of a large gate valve is too large to open. Because pneumatic actuators open and close quickly, ZECO is equipped with cushioning mechanism to reduce the wear of the sealing surface and gate during quick closing.

Types of Pneumatic Gate Valve

Pneumatic Knife Gate Valve

The Pneumatic Knife Gate Valve is a heavy-duty unit with a cast body, knife gate, stuffing box with packing, and oversized air cylinder. These heavy-duty units have a 150 lbs bolt-hole pattern. Options include a resilient seat for sealing against pressure or vacuum; solenoid valves and proximity sensors.

Specifications of Pneumatic Knife Gate Valve

  • Design Standard: MSS SP-81
  • F to F: As per MSS SP -81
  • Testing Standard: MSS SP -81
  • Size Range: 50 mm to 600 mm
  • Pressure Rating: 50 mm to 300 mm – 150 psi / 400 mm to 450 mm – 75 psi / 500 mm to 600 mm – 50 psi
  • End Style: Full Lugs, Wafer Type, Flangeless / Two Lugs, Wafer Type, Flangeless / Flange Type, Wafer
  • Lug Options: a. BSP Threaded hole in the chest area and lugs / b. BSP Threaded a hole in the chest area and through a hole in Lugs.
  • Drilling: ANSI B 16.5 Class 150, BS 10 Table ‘D’ & ‘E’, DIN, JIS, IS, etc.
  • Valve Operation: Cylinder, Bevel Gear, Electic Motor, Chain Wheel, Lever
  • Body Design: Full Round Port / “V” Notch Port / Square Port

Features of Pneumatic Knife Gate Valves

  • Heavy Duty Cast Construction
  • ASA Bolt Hole Pattern
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Thick beveled edge knife plate
  • Resilient rubber seats seal against pressure and vacuum
  • Pneumatic or manual actuation
  • Oversized air cylinder for pneumatic units
Pneumatic Gate Valve

Pneumatic Wedge Gate Valve

Pneumatic wedge gate valve is a forced sealing valve that is operated through the wedge action between sealing surfaces of both valve body and wedge, providing a tight sealing effect.

Features of Pneumatic Wedge Gate Valve

  • ZECO pneumatic gate valve adopts a double cylinder structure, the opening force is twice as large as that of a single cylinder structure, and it can easily open those single cylinders that cannot be opened due to the large opening torque of large diameter gate valve or high-pressure gate valve in valve body;
  • The pneumatic ZECO pneumatic gate valve has positive and negative functions, which also makes the valve have the function of quick opening and quick closing. In addition, because the wedge structure of the gate valve is more tightly sealed, the pneumatic gate valve has an excellent cutting function, which is more advantageous than other conventional valves;
  • The pneumatic ZECO pneumatic gate valve has a buffer mechanism, because the opening or closing speed is too fast, no buffering mechanism may damage the valve body sealing surface and gate sealing surface and cause the valve can not be sealed;
  • ZECO pneumatic gate valve can also be equipped with a pneumatic change-over mechanism on the cover of the pneumatic actuator. In case of accidental failure of the pneumatic actuator, the valve can be opened or closed by manual operation.
  • Pneumatic Actuator is installed on the top of the bonnet which controls the open and close of the valve by pneumatic pressure.
  • Metal Seal between the Body and Bonnet.
  • Backseat seal between the stem and the bonnet, easy for the change of sealing stuff under pressure.
  • The sealing surface is hard-faced or the QBQ with the performance of anti-corrosion, and wear-resistance.
  • Low operating Torque

Specifications of Pneumatic Wedge Gate Valves

  • Material: carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, etc.
  • Nominal size: NPS 1/2″-NPS 48″ (DN15-DN1200)
  • Pressure: CL150-CL2500 (PN10-PN420)
  • Temperature range: -196°C to +550°C

Features of Pneumatic Wedge Gate Valves

  • Smooth flow path, low coefficient of flow, erosion, and corrosion on sealing surfaces are less likely to occur;
  • Unlimited flow direction, no pressure drop, simple structure, a wide range of applications;
  • The connections between the valve body and bonnet are available in many forms, such as bolted, threaded, and welded connections, as well as pressure
  • self-tightening sealing structure to perfectly adapt to various working statuses;
  • Compact and simple structure, small space required for installation, quick opening/closing function, easy to maintain;

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