Industrial Gate Valve


ZECO Valve is a API 600 approved Gate Valve Manufacturer.
Industrial Gate Valve

What is Industrial Gate Valve?

Industrial Gate Valves or “Block Valves” are the most commonly used valve type in the oil & gas industry. Gate valves are intended for on-off flow control. When fully open, fluid flows through the valve in a straight line, resulting in minimum pressure drop across the valve. ZECO industrial gate valve is an important device for controlling the flow of medium in industrial pipelines. It can be used to control the flow of oil, various corrosive media, mud, liquid metal and other media. Industrial gate valves are mainly used for opening and closing to cut off or open the flow of medium in the pipeline. As a professional industrial gate valve manufacturer, ZECO has excellent process system, strict and perfect quality control system, accurate analysis of each data to ensure zero failure of products. In order to ensure the accuracy of data analysis, ZECO has equipped advanced testing equipment and strict testing means, established a quality management team with professional technology and strict requirements, and realized the quality control in the whole process of raw material testing, production process testing, and product and application.

Features of Industrial Gate Valves

  • ZECO industrial gate valve is designed with seal, which can meet the needs of replacing packing with pressure in maintenance field, and ensure no leakage when replacing packing. Compared with the original replacement process of disassembling valve, it accelerates the speed greatly, saves the time of personnel and optimizes the operation time of pipeline;
  • Long thread stem nut prolongs thread life and permits the removal of hand wheel in the fully open position;
  • Flexible graphite gasket used for 150 Class gate valve, spiral wound gasket for Class 300 & 600 valves and metal ring gasket for gate valves of 900 or greater Class(600 Class is obtainable if customer requires);
  • During the opening and closing of the valve, the integral guide in the valve body keeps the wedge from the center. Without the integral guide, the gate seal will be offset, and the structure of ZECO industrial gate valve stabilizes the sealing performance.

Applications of Industrial Gate Valves

  • Cost and Energy efficient
  • Simple body design and easy to operate
  • Dual flow direction, depending on the medium
  • Minimum erosion experienced
  • Minimum pressure involved, due to streamlining the flow

Product Overview of Industrial Gate Valves

SIZE RANGE Size Range From 1/4” – 60”
PRESSURE RANGE Size Range Pressure Range ANSI 150# to ANSI 1500# pressure rating
MATERIAL GRADES WCB, A105N, LF2, LCC, CF8M, 316, 316L, A20, Hastelloy C, Other exotic materials
TRIM MATERIALS 13Cr, SS 316, A20, Monel, Hastelloy C stem and wedge
END CONFIGURATIONS Raised Face, RTJ, Threaded, Socket Weld, Threaded X Socket
STANDARDS Low Emmisions, NACE certified