Stainless Steel Gate Valve


ZECO Valve supplies Stainless steel gate valves in the versions gate valves as well as gate valves, flanged end mostly from stock.

Stainless Steel Gate Valve

What is a Stainless Steel Gate Valve?

ZECO stainless steel gate valve is used for pipelines with corrosive media. For any kind of stainless steel material, the ability to resist medium corrosion is relatively limited and is affected by many external factors, such as temperature, pressure, and PH. However, as long as the heat treatment and processing process are completely in accordabyard with the manufacturing process, the material can be guaranteed to withstand corrosion within the range of corrosion. So in the selection of stainless steel gate valves, we need to consider the concentration of the medium, working environment temperature, and the selection of materials and other factors on corrosion resistance. 

ZECO Valve is a stainless steel gate valve manufacturer for nearly 30 years, providing professional suggestions for users to choose models and materials for working conditions.

How does a Stainless Steel Gate Valve work?

A stainless steel gate valve operates similarly to other valves. To open the valve, turn the handwheel, which moves the gate up or down on the stem via the threads. A stainless steel gate valve requires more than one 360° turn to open or close the valve fully. When the stainless steel gate is lifted, it opens the inlet to the outlet allowing an unobstructed passageway for the media to flow. When the stainless steel gate is lowered, it closes and blocks the media flow.

Applications of Stainless Steel Gate Valves

Because of its resilience, a stainless steel gate valve is used in an array of industrial applications. These include:

  • Oil and gas industry;
  • Chemical and pharmaceuticals;
  • Marine;
  • Water and wastewater treatment;
  • Manufacturing industries.

Features of Stainless Steel Gate Valves:

  • ZECO stainless steel gate valve has a variety of stainless steel materials for users to choose from according to the actual working conditions, casting including ASTM A351 CF8, ASTM A351 CF8M, ASTM A351 CF3, ASTM A351 CF3M, forging including ASTM A182 F304, ASTM A182 F304L, ASTM A182 F316, ASTM A182 F316L, and duplex stainless steel UNS SS32205 and so on;
  • The raw materials suppliers’ selections of ZECO stainless steel gate valve is a reference to international famous enterprises of the supply chain system standard. First of all, the first sample analysis report of ZECO quality inspection department is passed, and then the technical department evaluates it according to the supplier’s management system and production process. Only after the evaluation and approval of the two departments, can it enter the business negotiation of the purchasing department. Later, it will test each batch of delivery by the supplier, to divide the procurement into different levels and batches;
  • ZECO stainless steel gate valve is designed with renewable seat for easy replacement in case of seat damage;
  • ZECO stainless steel gate valve has strong corrosion resistance and the material fully meets the requirements of international standards.

Material of Stainless Steel Gate Valve:

No Part Material
1 Body ASTM A351 CF8M
2 Seat Ring ASTM A182 F316 + STL
3 Wedge ASTM A351 CF8M + STL
4 Stem ASTM A276 316
5 Bonnet Gasket Graphite + SS315
6 Bonnet Bolt ASTM A193 B8
7 Bonnet Nut ASTM A194 8
8 Bonnet ASTM A351 CF8M
9 Backseat ASTM A182 316
10 Stem Packing Reinforced Graphite
11 Handwheel KTH330-08

Stainless steel Gate Valve Prices

Because the stainless steel gate valve price fluctuates greatly, you can contact ZECO Valve for specific gate valve prices or gate valve price lists.

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