Electric Actuated Gate Valve


Electric Gate Valve

What is an Electric Actuated Gate Valve?

Electric actuated gate valve refers to the linear movement of the electric gate valve actuator through electric voltage and signal control to open or close the gate valve. Electric gate valves can help you achieve the purpose of remote control, help you reduce labor costs, and improve production efficiency.

ZECO electric actuated gate valve is a gate valve controlled by an electric actuator. It can operate the gate valve remotely through an electric device, which is usually installed in the upper part of the gate valve. Electric actuators are divided into three, one is a straight stroke: the valve up and down to control the valve opening (such as single seat valve, double seat valve, sleeve valve, Y valve, etc.); The other is a quarter-turn: driven Angle of the valve is in 0 ~ 90 ° rotation to control the valve opening (such as eccentric butterfly valve, ball valve, rotary valve, plug valves, etc.); The last one is multi-turn electric actuators (360 ° Angle >) is suitable for the gate valves, globe valves, etc. Electric actuator output shaft rotation is more than a week, that is greater than 360 °, generally need more than one ring valve opening and closing process control can be achieved. ZECO is a professional manufacturer of electric gate valves, high quality creates ZECO brand.

How does an Electric Actuated Gate Valve work?

Torque is the rotational force an actuator generates to close a rotational valve. Electric actuators can generate this force by transmitting it to the output shaft and then the valve stem. When pressure is applied to the valve stem, the valve’s orifice opens or closes.

What does an Electric Actuated Gate Valve use for?

Electric actuated gate valve is one of the most commonly used cut-off valves, mainly used to connect or cut off the medium in the pipeline, but not suitable for adjusting the flow of the medium. The gate valve is suitable for a wide range of pressure, temperature, and caliber, especially suitable for medium and large-diameter pipelines.

Features of Electric Gate Valve:

  • 1. Spacer ring in conjunction with packing is used in gate valves of 300 class and above while the 150-class valve is only fitted with packing; packing with lantern ring is available upon customer request;
  • 2. Flexible wedge is able to compensate for seat surface distortion and body deformation caused by piping stress;
  • 3. Blowout retention design: the tapered backseat face firmly contacts the backseat of the bonnet, and the strength of the bonnet-wedge connection exceeds that of the bonnet thread root;
  • 4. ZECO electric gate valve is standard equipped with AUMA electric actuator. Other brands can be customized according to customers’ requirements.

Applications of Electric Actuated Gate Valves

Electric actuated gate valve is suitable for water, oil, cement, paper pulp, and other media, and is widely used in paper and pulp, power plants, shipyards, wastewater treatment, and so on.

Material of Electric Actuated Gate Valves

  • Actuator Type: Multi-Turn Electric Gate Valve Actuator
  • Body Material: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Forged Steel, etc.
  • Pressure: 10 / 16 / 20 / 40 / 64 bar (#150 / #300 / #400 / #600 / #900)
  • Temperature Of Media: -196 to 585℃
  • Suitable Media: Water, Air, Oil, Gas, Pulp, Cement, etc
  • Voltage: Three-phase: 380V AC. Range: 380VAC ~ 420VAC; Single-phase: 220V AC. Range: 200VAC ~ 240VAC

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