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What is a Motorised Valve?

A motorised valve is an electronically controlled valve used to control the flow water from the boiler to other areas within the system like radiators. They can be used for control of both the heating and the hot water. An actuator is a device that uses a form of power to convert a control signal into a machinal motion, this allows it to control the thermal temperature of a room.

Types of Motorised Valves

Motorised control valve can be classified into three types. However it must be noted that the main application of motorised valves are for flow control and flow isolation.

Open/close valves – used to automate manual open close valves Examples include, pump discharge / suction valves, boiler feed water isolation valves, drum vent valves, product line valves etc.

Inching valves – used were some degree of control. Example a gradual opening and closing is required, applications include, reflux lines, boiler start up vent, boiler IBD valves, boiler main steam valves etc.

Precision flow valves – this is a precision inching valve, in inching valve the motor operates in steps configured in the controller, e.g. 5%, 10% opening steps. In precision flow valves, a continuous control is enabled by the use of proper feedback from the field to the controller which is not usually found in other motor operated valves. An example is steam injection valve / water injection valves used in GT for Nox control.

What are Motorised Valves used?

Motorised valves are used in applications where precise control and adjustment of the output is required. In automated production systems, a motorised valve acts as the interface between the electric and fluidic circuits.

It is a proportional or modulating valve with two ceramic discs that rotate through an angle of 90 ̊, proportional to the input signal. Depending on the application and accuracy required, it is possible to choose between an extremely wide variety of control elements and drive options. They only consume power when driving to position and are compatible with a variety of gases, liquids as well as contaminated fluids.

Applications of Motorised Valves

  • Whenever frequent operation is required.
  • Valves located in remote, inaccessible or hazardous places.

Motorised control valve / Motor operated valves are usually for full open and full close applications.
However there are places where they are used for position control as well.

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