Two Way Globe Valve


Two Way Globe Valve

Two Way Globe Valve
Two Way Globe Valve

Features of Two Way Globe Valve for HVAC

Electric two way globe valve for HVAC realizes constant temperature of heating cycle by controlling heat exchange of heat exchanger.

  • Equal percentage characteristic;
  • Low Leakage and efficient operation;
  • Improve the efficiency of water pump operation and save energy;
  • Accurate data, KV value tested by testing institute.

Two Way Globe Valve for HVAC Working Principle

The electric two way globe valve is composed of temperature sensor, proportional integral temperature controller and electric regulating valve. The temperature sensor installed in the return pipe transmits the detected temperature signal to the temperature controller, which constantly compares the detected value of the temperature sensor with the set value, and at the same time constantly outputs a signal to control the opening degree of the electric regulating valve connected to the adjustable, finally making the temperature sensor measured The ambient temperature measured by the temperature sensor is kept within the set temperature range.

Two Way Globe Valve Installation and Commissioning

Specifications are determined according to the design flow rate of the air conditioning box and allowable pressure range of pressure independent balancing valve, and technical parameters are determined according to the requirements. For specific use, please consult Zeco Valve Group.

Two Way Globe Valve Material and Standard

Size Range: 2″~12″

Pressure Rating:10bar ~ 25bar

Face to Face Dimensions:AMSE B16.10, EN558-1

Flange End Dimension :AMSE B16.1/16.42, AS4087, EN1092-2

Coating: Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating

Inspection and Test:ISO 5208 / EN 12226-2


Part Material Standard
Body Ductile Iron EN 1563/DIN 1693
Bonnet Ductile Iron EN 1563/DIN 1693
Trim Stainless Steel 304 EN10088-1/ASTM A959
Seat Stainless Steel 304 EN10088-1/ASTM A959
Electric Actuator Honeywell ML7421A-A/B
For materials options not listed,consult factory.

Zeco manufactures valves in more than 50 different alloys.

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