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Since all the mechanical systems that provide thermal comfort and air quality in a room/indoor area are interconnected, they are often grouped together and are called HVAC systems. It includes central air conditioners, heat pumps, boilers, furnaces, rooftop units, chillers, and packaged units.

HVAC valves are used to control flow in pipes. Major components of an HVAC system such as water chiller, cooling water pumps, air handling units, and fan coil units use valves to control the flow of water, gas, and air. The HVAC industry relies on the automated control of hot and cold air, water, and hydronic heat transfer fluids or refrigerants through complex piping systems, ductwork, and heat exchangers.

What is HVAC System?

HVAC is the acronym for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. HVAC refers to the various systems that are used along with heating and cooling buildings (both commercial and residential). An HVAC system is responsible for keeping you fresh and cool in summer and making you feel warm and cosy in winter. Apart from just keeping a place warm or cool, HVAC systems are also responsible for improving indoor air quality while providing comfort to everyone inside the building.

Zeco HVAC balancing valves, gate valves, air valves and butterfly valves are critical components in an end-to-end system, and their efficiency is an important factor in overall system efficiency. Choose from thousands of valve and actuator combinations that are built to deliver efficient, dependable, long-lasting and leak-proof performance. Our consistent designs and convenient built-in operating features provide outstanding control – without the need for field add-ons.

Difference between Zeco HVAC valves and other suppliers

ZECO Other Supplier
All bore valves are tested on an approved test line to provide accurate KVS and control ranges Not all bore valves are tested and the KVS and control ranges provided cannot be guaranteed accurate
Test instruments already designed with zeco data are available to ensure accurate on-site commissioning Unavailability of the corresponding product instrument for on-site commissioning
Streamlined product design with test curve verification for minimal energy loss Streamlined design with no valid material to prove it
A large number of energy saving retrofits for China’s heating projects are available to showcase Just supplying valves without any energy saving results
HVAC designated products for 5-star hotels and key projects in major cities in Shanghai and Beijing For projects where the effectiveness of the HVAC system is not of particular concern
Professional HVAC system commissioning experience available to support customers No experience of HVAC commissioning systems
The inner parts and wearing parts of HVAC valve requiring frequent action are made of copper, bronze or stainless steel to ensure the long-term stability of the product allows The use of corrosion-prone materials for the inner parts of HVAC valves that require frequent action does not guarantee a long service life

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