Gate Valve with Actuator

Gate Valve With Actuator

The actuator of ZECO wedge gate valve & through conduit gate valve can be divided into manual, pneumatic, and electric, gear operated, and motorized. The choice of operation mode is mainly based on the requirement of clients. ZECO can configure the operated actuators and brands required by clients.

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Product Information of ZECO Gate Valve

ZECO wedge gate valves are bolted joint between bonnet and body, outside screw and yoke, threaded, nonrising stem, double gate discs or single gate disc, the welded or integral seal of the hard face or soft. Cast steel Gate valves are generally used for stop valves either fully opened or completely closed. They are not usually considered for throttling purposes, however more for slurries, viscous fluids, etc.

ZECO through the conduit gate valve has an anti-static design can lower fire accident and fire safe design provides excellent sealing performance during resilient seal failure caused by fire or other reasons. Valve material is strictly followed AMSE standard requirement to reassure reliable performance and extended service life.

ZECO wedge gate valves popular used in different industries and may have a thread-in union, or a bolted bonnet. The previous one is the simplest, offering a long-lasting seal. The latter one is used large valves that work under higher pressures. Both types are applied for natural gas and oil products and chemical engineering, city pipeline and environmental products industries, etc.

ZECO through conduit gate valve design and manufacture in accordance with API 6D is widely used in chemical petroleum, natural gas, power plant, coal mining, building, steel, light industries, sewage treatment, and other industries.

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