Cryogenic Globe Valve


Cryogenic valves, as the name indicates, are valves that are used in extremely cold applications.

Cryogenic Globe Valve

What is a Cryogenic Valve?

Cryogenic valves are designed to be used in very cold applications.

Cryogenic valves are built to help transport and store such cryogenic gasses safely and efficiently.

How does Cryogenic Valves work?

Cryogenic valves are kept in a natural closed position to keep cryogenic gasses or other medium secure and safely contained. A cryogenic valve is generally designed to react to high pressure which pushes the valve into the open position to allow the gas or other media to flow readily through. Such open flow will continue until the pressure again decreases, at which point it will swing back nd become seal with a special metal seat bubble-tight shutoff to prevent any leaking.

Applications of Cryogenic Valves

  • LNG(Liquefied Natural Gas): LNG Liquefaction plants , Terminal
  • Ethylene Plants
  • Industrial low-temperature gases plant

What is a Cryogenic Globe Valve?

ZECO cryogenic globe valve is available in low temperature -196 ℃ ultra-low torque which under the condition of low temperature and stable operation, and validated the sealing material of low-temperature materials also ensures ZECO cryogenic globe valve can be in extreme cases, good sealing performance and long service life and ZECO is a professional exporter of cryogenic globe valve, the products are widely used in LNG, LPG and other industrial conditions at low temperature. Cryogenic globe valve storage is also very important, If you want a few weeks or months to storage valves, need to cost for improving the original  storage conditions. Valve usually storage indoor, make the actual temperature of valves is higher than dew-point temperature. If the valves must be storage outside, It should be supported, not to contact with ground, and use waterproof cover to prevent.

Features of Cryogenic Globe Valve:

  • The plug seat surface of ZECO cryogenic globe valve is standard disc design as well as spherical, parabola or flat seating surface is optional on customer request;
  • Because medium and low pressure pipelines can be well connected and sealed by flange connection, ZECO cryogenic globe valves below 600 lb are usually connected with flange connection, while over 600 lb are usually connected with RTJ connection to better connect the valve to the pipeline due to high pressure;
  • In order to keep the stuffing box away from low temperature media and prevent long-term contact damage affecting sealing performance, The stem of ZECO cryogenic globe valve is is lengthened to make the packing last longer;
  • The stem of ZECO cryogenic globe valve is designed in anti blow out.

Material of Cryogenic Globe Valve:

No Part Material
1 Body ASTM A352 LCC
2 Disc ASTM A182 F316
3 Stem ASTM A276 316
4 Bonnet Gasket Graphite + SS316
5 Bonnet ASTM A352 LCC
6 Bonnet Bolt ASTM A320 L7M
7 Bonnet Nut ASTM A194 7M
8 Stem Packing Reinforced Graphite
9 Gland ASTM A276 316
10 Gland Eyebolt ASTM A320 L7M
11 Stem Nut ASTM B148

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