Carbon Steel Gate Valve


ZECO carbon steel gate valve product line includes 1/2”-48”, ANSI Pressure class 150# – 300# – 600# – 900# – 1500# – 2500#. Material of construction includes casting WCB, and low-temperature carbon steel LCC & LCB. Options include NACE compliance, bevel gears, actuation-ready mounting pads, thermal relief DTR systems, and double lead stem for quick stroke time

Carbon Steel Gate Valve

What is a Carbon Steel Gate Valve?

ZECO carbon steel gate valve is committed to providing users with product design into the service life of the largest and most reliable sealing performance and uses the full size design, complies with API 6D, API 600, the design requirements of BS 1414 and EN 1984, ZECO of body and bonnet there were a total of three kinds of carbon steel material, ASTM A216 WCA, ASTM A216 WCB, ASTM A216 WCC, the most commonly used material for ASTM A216 WCB, suitable temperature range for – 29 ℃ ~ 425 ℃. Carbon steel at high temperature because of the migration and aggregation of carbon atoms into graphite, due to the low strength of graphite, the strength of carbon steel at high temperature will be greatly reduced, and brittleness will increase.

Bodies and bonnets are high quality cast and afterward precisely machined, directing the attention to prevent stress concentration. The bodies of carbon steel gate valves consist of a straight through port that guarantees minimal turbulence and resistance to flow. In both designs, bolted bonnet and pressure seal, the bodies consist of guide slots to accommodate the wedge during the opening or closing of the valve. Bonnets are made either of one piece only- the yoke then being an integral part of it- or have two pieces, depending on the size of the carbon steel gate valve. This ensures the perfect alignment with the body which leads to an accurate opening and closing.

Features of Carbon Steel Gate Valve:

  • The carbon steel material of ZECO carbon steel gate valve is imported through strict chemical analysis and mechanical analysis. ASTM A216 WCB has tensile strength of 485~655 mpa, yield point more than 250 mpa, elongation more than 22%, section shrinkage more than 35%;
  • ZECO carbon steel gate valve has a thrust bearing design on the stem nut for ease and flexibility during valve opening;
  • ZECO carbon steel gate valve is designed with a sealed structure on the upper end of the bonnet, which allows the maintenance personnel to safely replace the packing during maintenance without causing leakage, thus preventing more serious leakage risk caused by the replacement of the packing;
  • In the opening or closing process of ZECO carbon steel gate valve, the wedge is always fixed in the guide rail of the valve body. If there is no guide rail of the valve body, the gate will get stuck in the opening or closing process and become unusable.
  • Seat face alloy hard-faced, ground and lapped to a mirror finish;
  • Flexible wedge with low center stem wedge contact, in solid CA15 (13Cr)or hard-faced with 13Cr, SS 316, Monel, or alloy. The wedge is ground and lapped to a mirror finish and tightly guided to prevent dragging and seat damage. alloy hard-faced CF8M wedge is also available;
  • Non-rotating stem with precision Acme threads and burnished finish. Double Acme for faster operation;
  • Body and bonnet joint accurately machined;
  • Body and bonnet castings are precision machined. One-piece bonnet up to NPS 12 (DN 300) for better alignment and fewer parts;
  • Optional locking device or stem extension;
  • Optional direct mounting to ISO 5211.

Product Range of Carbon Steel Gate Valve

SIZES 2″ – 48″
PRESSURES 150# – 2500#
TRIM MATERIALS TRIM 5, 8, 12, 16 & Special Materials
OPERATION Hand wheel, Gear Box, Electric Actuator, Pneumatic Actuator, etc.
OPTIONS NACE, Bevel Gears, Actuation Ready Mounting Pads, Thermal Relief DTR Systems, Double Lead Stem for Quick Run Time
FEATURES OS&Y, Rising Stem, Flexible Wedge, Bolted Bonnet, Packing & Gasket (Low Fugitive Emission) *Also available in our Contractor Series 2”-12”

Valve Shell Materials of Carbon Steel Gate Valve

ASTM Specification Material Designation Working Temperature ℃
A216 WCB / A216 WCC Carbon Steel 538 Maximum
A217 WC1 C – 1/2 Mo 538 Maximum
A217 WC6 1 1/4 Cr- 1/2 Mo 593 Maximum
A217 WC9 2 1/4 Cr – 1 Mo 593 Maximum
A217 C5 5Cr – 1/2 Mo 649 Maximum
A217 C12 9Cr – 1 Mo 649 Maximum
A352 LCB Carbon Steel -46 Minimum
A352 LCC Carbon Steel -46 Minimum
A352 LC1 C – 1/2 Mo -59 Minimum
A352 LC2 2 1/2 Ni – 100 -73 Minimum
A352 LC3 3 1/2 Ni – 150 -101 Minimum

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