High Performance Butterfly Valve


High Performance Butterfly Valve

What is a High Performance Butterfly Valve?

Hgh Performance Butterfly Valve is an innovative double offset design product with advanced world-leading technology. This butterfly valve has a unique structure with ultra-reliable sealing performance, wide working conditions, and low operation torque.

Specifications of High Performance Butterfly Valves

Name  High performance butterfly valve
Design  API 609/ASME B16.34
End Connection  Wafer/Lug/Double flanged
Operation  Manual/Pneumatic/Electric
Size Range  NPS 2″-60″(DN50-DN1500)
Pressure Rating  ASME Class150-300-600(PN16-PN25-PN40)
Body Material  Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Alloy steel, Duplex stainless steel
Seat Material  PTFE, RPTFE, PPL
Temperature  -29℃ to 250℃

Features of High Performance Butterfly Valve:

  • The resilient seat design of ZECO high-performance butterfly valve is designed to provide a more optimized solution for the field with wear-out and low torque requirements, and to easily replace the seat after seat damage without the need for special tools;
  • ZECO high-performance butterfly valve is equipped with composite bearings on the stem above and below the disc. The composite bearings have PTFE and epoxy filament winding, which reduces torque in the switch and reduces wear between the stem and the body for longer service;
  • ZECO high-performance butterfly valve’s fireproof bi-directional resilient seat design ensures zero leakage of the valve during normal operation. The metal-to-metal seal of the seat after fire meets or exceeds the industry “fire safety” specification;
  • The gland flange design of ZECO high-performance butterfly valve applies load against the packing gland to prevent external leakage. Fully adjustable.
  • ISO 5211 top plate for direct mounting of a wide range of actuators, handles, and gears
  • Adjustable stem packing features pull down gland with easy access without removal of the actuator
  • Tangential wedge pins are offset from the center of the stem putting them in compression rather than shear
  • Disc stop is designed to prevent disc rotation in the wrong direction and potential seat damage
  • Retainer clip provides blow-out proof stem
  • Live-loaded stem seal system by a set of Belleville springs. Rocker shaped gland bridge compensates for uneven adjustment of gland bolts
  • “Bear-X” bearing has excellent thermal, chemical, and wear resistance
  • One piece body with extended neck
  • Self-energizing flexible lip seal soft seat design. Two points of contact on fire-safe metal seat design

Applications of High Performance Butterfly Valve

High Performance Butterfly Valves are specially designed for applications in the chemical, hydrocarbon processing, pulp & paper, water & wastewater, and HVAC industries worldwide. The valve was designed with an understanding that process industries need products that provide exceptional performance while reducing the total cost of ownership.

High Performance Butterfly Valve Manufacturers

ZECO Valve is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-performance butterfly valves. Based on many years of research, development, and field experience, the ZECO design is superior to and more versatile than, the high-performance butterfly valve design offered by other manufacturers. ZECO products are produced under the ISO9001 quality management system. Every production process has corresponding management system documents and management system procedures to ensure that each valve meets or exceeds international standards or user requirements. ZECO high-performance butterfly valve is a mature product for oil and gas processing, heating, power, water, and wastewater treatment industries, especially suitable for harsh environments and industrial applications requiring rated pressure and temperature rating. ZECO has professional manufacturing experience in high-performance butterfly valves, with outstanding quality records and fast delivery times in the industries it serves.

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