Surge Anticipating Valve


Surge Anticipating Valve

Surge Anticipating Valve
Surge Anticipating Valve

Features of Surge Anticipating Valve

  • Double pilot valve can sense low pressure waves and high pressure waves;
  • Sensitive induction, quick control;
  • Fast opening to maintain line pressure;
  • Full port, small fluid resistance.

Surge Anticipating Valve Working Principle

Generally, sudden stop of the pump will produce huge pressure fluctuations, the pressure in the sampling tube will also fluctuate at this time. The low pressure pilot valve senses this initial pressure wave to open the drain so that the main valve opens to prevent high pressure fluctuations from returning from the system. The opened main valve drains high pressure waves into the atmosphere. The high pressure pilot valve induces high pressure waves which also open and keep the main valve open. When the system pressure is lower than the preset pressure of the pilot valve, the high-pressure pilot valve is closed, the pressure of the main valve control room is increased, and the main valve is closed to maintain the system pressure in the pilot valve preset pressure.

Surge Anticipating Valve Installation and Commissioning

Determine the high and low pressure settings, and adjust the pipeline pressure at low pressure settings. At this point, the low pressure pilot valve is set at the critical state of opening and closing and locking the nut. Adjust the pipeline pressure to the high pressure setting value, set the high pressure pilot valve to the critical state of opening and closing to lock the nut. For specific use, please consult Zeco Valve Group.

Surge Anticipating Valve Material and Standard

Size Range: 2″~12″
Pressure Rating:10bar ~ 25bar

Face to Face Dimensions: AMSE B16.10, EN558-1

Flange End Dimension:AMSE B16.5, AS4087, EN1092-2

Coating: WRAS approved Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating

Inspection and Test: ISO 5208 / EN 12226-2

Part Material Standard
Body Ductile Iron EN 1563/DIN 1693
Bonnet Ductile Iron EN 1563/DIN 1693
Trim Stainless Steel 304 EN10088-1/ASTM A959
Seat Stainless Steel 304 EN10088-1/ASTM A959
Diaphragm EPDM / NBR ISO 4633
Pilot Valve Stainless Steel 304 EN10088-1/ASTM A959
For materials options not listed, consult factory.

Zeco manufactures valves in more than 50 different alloys.

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