Brief Introduction of Floating Ball Valve Products

Floating Ball Valve usually uses flange connection or butt welding connection. Floating Ball Valve‘s sphere has only the upper stem, and the sphere can be slightly displaced. Chao Da improved the traditional packing cover to the two-body structure design of packing plate and packing sleeve. The packing sleeve and packing pressing plate were in spherical contact to ensure that the packing sleeve was always vertical, and the PTFE bushing was installed inside the packing sleeve, which avoided the scratch and wear of the stem and packing sleeve and reduced the valve. Operating moment of the door. Floating Ball Valve can be equipped with anti-static structure. A spring-plunger electrostatic extraction device is used to directly form an electrostatic channel between the Floating Ball Valve sphere and the valve body (for a ball valve with DN < 25) or to form an electrostatic channel between the sphere and the valve body through the valve stem (for a ball valve with DN < 32). Thus, the static electricity generated by friction between the ball body and the seat switch of the ball valve can be brought to the earth through the valve body.

Reliable Seat Sealing of Floating Ball Valve

Floating ball valve adopts elastic sealing ring structure design. When the medium pressure is low, the contact area between the sealing ring and the sphere in Floating Ball Valve is small, and a larger specific pressure is formed at the contact point between the sealing ring and the sphere to ensure reliable sealing. When the medium pressure is large, with the elastic deformation of the Floating Ball Valve seal ring, the contact area between the seal ring and the sphere increases, so the seal ring can withstand a larger medium thrust without damage.

Fire Protection Structure Design of Floating Ball Valve

When a fire occurs at the service site of Floating Ball Valve, when seat seals, stem gaskets, stem packing and flange gaskets made of non-metallic materials such as polytetrafluoroethylene are decomposed or destroyed at high temperatures, the ball valves can use specially designed metal-to-metal auxiliary sealing structures. Effectively control the internal and external leakage of the valve.

Reliable Stem Sealing of Floating Ball Valve

The anti-blow-out design is adopted for the stem up to Floating Ball Valve, which ensures that the stem will not be blown out by the medium even in extreme cases such as abnormal pressure rise in the valve chamber and failure of the packing plate. The valve stem adopts the downloading structure with to seal. The sealing force of the reverse seal increases with the increase of the medium pressure. Therefore, the reliable sealing of the valve stem can be ensured under various pressures.

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