Company Profile

ZECO Valve Group, founded in 1991 located in Shanghai, Yancheng, Wenzhou with focus on manufacturing wedge gate valve, through conduit gate valve, floating ball valve, trunnion mounted ball valve, top entry ball valve, globe valve, swing check valve, dual plate check valve and forged valve. Valve sizing 1/2″ to 88″, rating 150lb through 2500lb, served covering oil, gas, chemical, energy, refinery, LNG, LPG and many other fields.

ZECO has excellent product quality managing system, certified by API 6D, CE/PED, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO18001, WRAS, FM, TS and approved by oil & gas company. ZECO have long-term cooperation with China National Chemical Equipment Corporation (CNCE) and China Petroleum & Chemical Engineering Survey and Design Association(CPCESDA). As recognize the growing need, ZECO valve company developed our own laboratory for research & development for international standard valve design innovation and vertification, which includes PT, MT, UT, FE test. ZECO is the humble and united team, to be more diligent and progressive to show the itegrity to our clients.

Production Plants & Equipments

  • Plant in Binhai Industry Zone (Yancheng), space area of 141500 square meter, building area 80000 square meter. Over 300 sets of production & test equipments.
  • Plant in Huangdu Industry Zone (Shanghai), space area of 12000 square meter, building area 20000 square meter.
  • Plant in Oubei Industry Zone (Wenzhou), space area of 4000 square meter, building area 2000 square meter.

Employee & Sales

  • Over 650 employees
  • Over 25 Million USD

Major Approvals

  • API 6D, CE/PED, TS, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001

Tests & Inspections

  • NDT test (PT, MT, UT)
  • Chemical composition test
  • Mechanical test (tensile, impact, hardness)
  • Fugitive emission test
  • Test in high and low temperature, range from -196 ~ 550℃

R & D

  • AutoCAD, Solidworks, FEA (Finite Element Analysis)
  • More than 30 patents for utility models
  • More than 5 patents for invention

Great Events

In Nov. 11, 2008, Accompanied by Hu jintao – the former Chairman of China, ZECO’s managing director attended a meeting about cooperation between China and the US in USA, Hu highly praised ZECO for its sprite and aspiration of autonomous innovations.

In Sep. 14, 2011, Accompanied by Wang qishan – the vice Chairman of China, ZECO’s managing director attended a meeting about Caribbean trade in the Spain, Wang fully affirmed ZECO’s development concepts of Industry-Academy-Research Cooperation, and he encouraged the company to make greater achievements in both domestic and foreign markets.

About Me

ZECO Valve is established in 1991, as a professional industrial valve manufacturer and water valve manufacturer in Shanghai, China.


Tel : 0086 - 21 -5959 9008