Notes for Installation and Use of China Double E​ccentric Butterfly Valve

  • 1.Check whether butterfly valve specifications, pressure, temperature and corrosion resistance meet the requirements before installation. The parts should be checked for damage or loosening.
  • 2. Many butterfly valves can be installed on pipelines of any angle, and it is appropriate to close and install them; when welding pipeline flanges, the valve sealing opening should be blocked by a plate to prevent contusion of the sealing surface by particles and sundries. After welding, remove the valve, clean the sealing surface of the valve and the inner cavity of the pipeline, and then install the fixed valve.
  • 3. Attention should be paid to the pressure bearing direction of the valve when it is installed.
  • 4. Before installation, the sealing surface (sealing surface at both ends, butterfly plate and seat) should be thoroughly cleaned to remove dust and dirt.
  • 5. Before installation, the butterfly valve should be tested empty, opening and closing should be flexible, and the opening and closing position should be in accordance with the pointer indicating position.
  • 6. Manual operation clockwise for closing, counterclockwise for opening, pointer indication is in place, not to re-force the opening and closing of the valve.
  • 7. Valve pressure test should not be carried out with a single flange, but with double flange. The test pressure should conform to GB/T13927-92 standard.
  • 8. When tightening bolts, symmetrical alternating tightening should be carried out, and not tightened separately in turn.
  • 9. The limit screw has been adjusted before leaving the factory. It is not allowed to be adjusted easily. If the driving device is electric or pneumatic, please refer to the instructions of the supporting driving device.
  • 10. The electric butterfly valve has adjusted the opening and closing travel of the control mechanism when it leaves the factory. In order to prevent the wrong direction when the power supply is connected, the user should first open it manually to the half-open position before the first power supply is connected, and then press the switch to check that the direction of the indicator plate is consistent with the direction of the valve opening.
  • 11. The causes of valve opening and closing malfunction should be found out and repaired and eliminated to prevent the valve from being damaged by the use of after burning method.

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