Butterfly Valve By Drive Mode

Butterfly Valve By Drive Mode

According to the butterfly valve’s drive mode, they can be divided into manual butterfly valve, gear operated butterfly valve, electric butterfly valve, pneumatic butterfly valve, and motorized butterfly valve. As a reliable butterfly valve supplier, ZECO company has high-quality butterfly valve for sale. We also provide technical suggestions and maintenance services.

Butterfly Valves for Sale List by Drive Mode

Product Details of ZECO Butterfly Valve

ZECO electric actuated, the motorized butterfly valve is available for the electric actuator of on/off type, intelligent type(smart type, modulating type), it”s also available for explosion-proof of SIL1, SIL2, Exd, ATEX. Voltage is available for 220VAC/380VAC/450VAC, 1PH/3PH, 50HZ/60HZ. Protection grade available for IP63, IP65, IP67. Other functions and parts like a limit switch, remote control, manual override, position indication, position feedback,over-torque protection, space heater, auto inspection, intelligent alarm are also available upon request.

ZECO pneumatic actuated butterfly valve is available for spring return(single-acting, single effect) type, double acting(double effect) type. Pneumatic actuators usually equipped with accessories include limit switch, solenoid and air filter regulator. Accessories are also available for explosion-proof of SIL1, SIL2, Exd, ATEX and protection grade of IP63, IP65&IP67. For special conditions, a smart type or mechanical valve positioner can be used and manual override can be provided.

ZECO hydraulic actuator is usually using for a big size butterfly valve, which the valve is with big torque and electric actuator&pneumatic actuator not suitable for it. Just like a pneumatic actuator, there are two types of a hydraulic actuator, single acting(single effect) and double-acting(double effect). The hydraulic actuators can also be equipped with the limit switch, solenoid and positioner, manual override is also available upon request.

Gear operation is usually used for big size butterfly valve or butterfly valve with big torque in which the lever operation is no longer suitable. The gearbox has also been called gear reducer, it reduces the opening force but extends the opening time in the meantime. The ratio of the reducer is selected based on torque of valve when the ratio selected can reducing the opening torque to a range that suitable for manual operation, the ratio is suitable and gearbox is confirmed.

Lever operation is usually for butterfly size below 8″, the valve size is small and torque is small, so the valve can be easily operated by a manual lever. The reason not to use lever operation for butterfly valve over 8″ is that the valve torque is high and it”s hard to open by a manual lever. The lever of the butterfly valve is usually with a small pring lever under the main lever, so the lever can be lockable if there is a locking plate installed on the valve stem.

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