Gear Operated Butterfly Valve


Gear Operated Butterfly Valve is used to regulate or control fluid flow within a pipeline.

Gear Operated Butterfly Valve

What is a Gear Operated Butterfly Valve?

ZECO gear-operated butterfly valve is named after the way the gear operated. ZECO pays attention to every detail of the valve. Every valve is inspected and installed strictly to ensure that the valve is in good condition and ready for operation. However, the valve in the control of raw materials or the subsequent production and processing, inspectors only each link control well according to the requirements of technical engineer testing, pressure test, have answers to the very end to prove its performance. Moreover, even if the trial is successful, should check the valve stem seal and packing, and the packing should be in the initial position. Valve is a special product with certain movement rules and friction rules. In order to achieve satisfactory performance, some parts of the machine should be carefully protected. At the right pressure, medium, and temperature, the continuous service life of the valve will not be less than 6 years.

Components of Gear Operated Butterfly Valve

Butterfly Valves are easy and quick to open. A right-angle rotation of the handle provides a complete closure or opening of the butterfly valve. Large Butterfly Valves are usually comprised of a gearbox, where the hand wheel by gears is joined to the stem. This gives ease to the operation of the Butterfly Valve, but at the expense of speed. ZECO Valves have a short circular body, soft seats, shaft bearings, and a stuffing box. The construction of a Butterfly valve body varies in design. A mostly used design is the wafer type that fits between two flanges. The lug wafer design is another common design that joins the two flanges and passes through the holes. Butterfly valves are even available with threads that are flange and have butt welding ends, but they are not used often.

How does a Butterfly Valve Gear Operated work?

A gear-operated butterfly valve operates by getting power from the valve operator. The operator applies force on the handwheel to operate the valve. The handwheel is connected to a gear system via a short shaft. To open the valve, the operator turns the handwheel for a quarter turn in anticlockwise. This makes the torque (or rotary force) applied on the handwheel to be transmitted to the valve disc via the stem. As such, the disc makes a quarter turn angle where it becomes oriented parallel to the fluid flow. In this state of the disc, the fluid flows through the valve unobstructed. To close the fluid flow, the valve operator turns the handwheel in the clockwise direction. This forces the disc to make a 90o degree turn and become perpendicular to the fluid flow. In this state, the disc blocks fluid flow from crossing the valve. Gear-operated butterfly valve manufacturers make these valves for use even in throttling applications. However, the use of these valves in such throttling applications is recommended where the pressure drop is low. When the valve needs to be used in throttling applications, the valve operator turns the handwheel slightly for an angle of less 90o degrees depending on the amount of fluid flow required.

Features of Gear Operated Butterfly Valve

  • The operator flange conforms to ISO 5211. Designed to work with manual, pneumatic, or electric actuators.
  • The rubber seat is non-collapsible, stretch-resistant, and blowout-proof.
  • The precision machined disc ensures low operating torque and effective sealing up to 200 psi. The hydro-dynamically designed disc allows for high-capacity flow.
  • The one-piece shaft design ensures dependability and positive disc positioning.
  • Valves are epoxy coated and incorporate “zerk” style grease fittings for easy lubrication on the neck & gearbox (if applicable).

Material of Gear Operated Butterfly Valve

No Part Material
1 Body ASTM A216 WCB + 13Cr
2 Seal Ring Graphite + SS304
3 Retainer Flange ASTM A182 F304
4 Pin ASTM A276 304
5 Disc ASTM A351 CF8
6 Stem ASTM A276 304
7 Stem Packing Graphite
8 Stem Beating SS304 + PTFE
9 Bolt ASTM A193 B7
10 Nut ASTM A194 2H
11 Yoke ASTM A216 WCB

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