12″ Butterfly Valve


Butterflly valve 12 inch means the valve size is 12 inch, and in DN it is DN300.

What is a 12″ Butterfly Valve?

Butterfly valves are a family of quarter-turn rotational motion valves that are used in pipelines to shut-off flow. It is often said that butterfly valves can be used to regulate the flow.

Most of ZECO 12 inch butterfly valves operated by hand-wheel, wrench and handles, pay attention to the operation speed, neither too fast nor too slow, and exert force at proper position. End position is vital important to valve performance. In Close position, ball shall be at right position to seat. The closure parts of the valve seat so close to the campaign and leave the valve seat, the valve sealing performance depends in part on the relative pieces of stem-driven closure of the valve seat to remain sealed and the resulting mechanical force. If the role of a particular incident in the direction of the closure of the closure of the pressure to close the case up from the seat, and that this power is essential. Most of the internal closure of the sliding piece in the valve seat does not rely on force stem seals, but this type of valve position to close the right thing or not is very important. In some cases, when the closure parts close to the final closed position, the driving force needed to close the case may be greatly increased, to reach the required position has been shut down parts of an auxiliary compression. Close cases are not accessible or not stopped in the customs location will have a seal leak and damage. Butterfly Valves requires right position to guarantee sealing. When the indicator shows Close position, movement shall be stopped.

How does a 12″ Butterfly Valve work?

A butterfly valve consists of metal disc that rotates about the stem and initiates a tight shut-off on the circumference of its resilient seat. The stem may be mounted in the middle or attached offset. There is also a packing component which provides an extra seal for protection in the event that the rubber seat is damaged by fire.

Dimensions & Weight of 12 Inch Butterfly Valve

Pressure Rating  Face to Face Dimension(in mm) Weight
RF Long Pattern RF Short Pattern WAFER LUG kg
CLASS 150 356 178 81 81 160
CLASS 300 502 270 92 92 230
CLASS 600 838 270 140 140 310

Features of 12 Inch Butterfly Valve:

  • ZECO 12 inch butterfly valve has no dead zone design;
  • ZECO 12 inch butterfly valve has live loaded packing system design;
  • ZECO 12 inch butterfly valve has fire protection structure design;
  • ZECO 12 inch butterfly valve has double safety sealing design.

Material of 12″ Butterfly Valve:

No Part Material
1 Body ASTM A216 WCB + 13Cr
2 Seal Ring Graphite + SS304
3 Retainer Flange ASTM A105
4 Pin ASTM A276 410
5 Disc ASTM A216 WCB
6 Stem ASTM A276 410
7 Stem Packing Graphite
8 Stem Beating SS304 + PTFE
9 Bolt ASTM A193 B7
10 Nut ASTM A194 2H
11 Yoke ASTM A216 WCB

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