1" Ball Valve

What is a 1″ Ball Valve?

ZECO 1″ Ball Valves are ideal for throttling and balancing of nonabrasive fluids where minimum flow is 20% to 100% of valve capacity. The full port design ensures minimal pressure drop. These valves feature a PTFE stem packing seal, thrust washer, and seat. They are available with tapped outlets suitable for the installation of a pressure gauge or test cock. Maximum working pressure: 600psi (41.3 bar) WOG; 125psi (8.6 bar) WSP.

Types of 1″ Ball Valves

Based on Structure

  • 1″ Floating Ball Valve
  • 1″ Top Entry Ball Valve
  • 1″ Full Welded Ball Valve

Based on Materials

  • 1″ Brass Ball Valve
  • 1″ Bronze Ball Vave
  • 1″ Stainless Steel Ball Valve
  • 1″ Carbon steel Ball Valve
  • 1″ Froged Steel Ball Valve

Based on Bore

  • 1″ Full bore Ball Valve
  • 1″ Reduced bore Ball Valve
  • 1″ V port Ball Valve

Based on Way

  • 1″ 2 Way Ball Valve
  • 1″ 3 Way Ball Valve

Advantages of 1″ Ball Valves

  • Full port design for low pressure drop.
  • Pressure rated at 600psi (41.4 bar) WOG, (non-shock)
  • 1⁄2″-2″ (15mm – 50mm) (DN15-DN50) and 125psi (8.6 bar)
  • Saturated steam.
  • Suitable for temperature from 0ºF to +350ºF (-18ºC to 177ºC) at 50psi (345 kPa).
  • PTFE stem packing seal, thrust washer and seat.
  • Plated carbon steel handle with vinyl insulator.
  • Quarter-turn open or close operation. (Not intended for throttling applications.)
  • Ideal for throttling and balancing applications of non-abrasive fluids where minimum flow is 20% to 100% of valve capacity.
  • Low operating torque.
  • Adjustable stem packing gland.
  • Bottom loaded, pressure retaining stem.

Applications of 1″ Ball Valves

ZECO 1″ Ball Valve combines reliable operation with maximum economy. Ideal for general flow control applications including HVAC, fuel gases, and fire protection trim and drain etc. Valves include most pertinent agency approvals