Three Piece Ball Valve


Ball valve is currently the most widely used valve, it can be made into different types to be suitable for different industries. For example, it can be made of stainless steel, plastic, brass and so on.

What is a Three Piece Ball Valve?

Again, as the name suggests, three-piece ball valves consist of three pieces: two end caps and a body. The end caps are typically threaded or welded to the pipe and the main body section may be easily removed for cleaning or repair without removing the end caps. This can be a very valuable option because it prevents a line shutdown if maintenance is required.

Features of Three Piece Ball Valves

Three piece ball valve is a high-performance ball valve, ideal for a wide variety of services. Designed for simple, in-line maintenance, and long, reliable service life, this resilient-seated ball valve offers sophisticated technical features that enable superior performance at an economical cost.

The advantage of the three-piece ball valve is that it is easy to disassemble. So that the central body can be maintained and cleaned without affecting the entire pipeline. For example, when the valve body is blocked, we only need to untie the bolts of the ball valve, take out the actuator and the center body, and then clean and maintain it. After cleaning, we can put the center body and the end cap together with bolts. We do not need to disassemble the entire valve from the pipeline, which greatly reduces our maintenance costs. Secondly, most of the three-piece ball valves are full-bore designs, which can allow more flow to transport.

Material of Three Piece Ball Valves

No Part Material
1 Body Forged Steel, Stainless Steel
2 Bonnet Forged Steel, Stainless Steel
3 Bonnet Bolt ASTM A193 B7 / B8 /B8M
4 Bonnet Nut ASTM A194 2H / 8 / 8M
5 Bonnet Gasket Graphite +SS316
6 Seat Ring VITON
7 Ball Forged Steel
8 Stem ASTM A276 304 / 316
9 Stem Packing Graphite
10 Gland Stainless Steel
11 Stop Collar ANSI 1025

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