China Gas Cock Plug Valve Working Principle, Worksflow

The double-layer insulated plug valve utilizes the pressure balancing valve to demonstrate all the integrity advantages of the valve and can provide real bubble level double insulation through a single valve body.

Due to the safety of the oil and gas industry standards have been improved, especially the need to engineers working in valve downstream or upstream industry, so the real double insulation has become a major requirement.

What is a China Gas Cock Plug Valve?

Two-way cast steel plug valve utilizes a cock with hole as its closure member. Rotating the cock can close the vale, having the advantages of good sealing, long service life.

China gas cock plug valve is a closed or plunger type rotary valve, by rotating 90 degrees to the channel mouth and the valve on the valve plug openings on the same or separate, to achieve a valve open or closed. Plug valve plugs into a cylindrical or conical shape. In the cylindrical valve plug, the channel is generally rectangular; and in the conical valve plug, the trapezoidal channel. The shape of the structure of the plug becomes light, but also produced a certain loss. Cock valve for cutting off and on as streaming media and application, but the nature and basis for resistance to erosion of the sealing surface, and sometimes can also be used for throttling.

Plug Valve

China Gas Cock Plug Valve Working principle

Plug the body with a hole as the opening and closing parts of the valve. Plug body with the valve stem rotation, to achieve the opening and closing action. Small no filler plug, also known as the “cock”. Plug the plug body is a cone (cylinder), and the body of the conical bore sealing surface with the composition. Nickel Plug Valve is a valve using the first, simple, switch quickly, the fluid resistance is small. General plug valve seal by direct contact with the finishing of the metal plug body and the body, so the poor sealing, opening, and closing force, easy to wear, usually only for low (no higher than 1 MPa) and small diameter (less than 100 mm).

Standard of China Gas Cock Plug Valve

  • Design and manufacturing: API 6D pipeline valve
  • Structure length: API 6D “pipeline valve”
  • Connection flange: ASME B16.5 “pipe flange and flange fittings”
  • Welding terminal: ASME B16.25 “butt welding terminal”
  • Test and test standards: API 598 valve inspection and test

Applications of China Gas Cock Plug Valves

Plug valves are widely used in oil extraction, transportation, and refining equipment, but also widely used in petrochemical, chemical, gas, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, HVAC industry, and general industry.

Structural characteristics of China Gas Cock Plug Valve

  • Plug valves fluid, small resistance, convenient opening and closing, quickly.
  • Plug valves in the pipeline are mainly used for cutting, distributing, and changing the flow direction of medium rise. It is easy to adapt to a multi-channel structure, so that Pure Nickel Ball Valve can get two, three, or even four different channels, this simplifies the design of piping systems, reducing valve and equipment required in the amount of some connection fittings.
  • Plug valve is the valve the earliest history of people used. Because of its simple structure, rapid opening and closing (plug 1/4Q turn to complete the opening and closing action), convenient operation, and small fluid resistance, is still widely used. Mainly used in low pressure, small caliber, and medium temperature is not the high case.

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