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What is a Semiball Valve?

Eccentric semi-ball valves and flange valves belong to the same type but the difference is that the closure member of eccentric semi-ball valve is a sphere and this sphere can rotate around the center line of the body to achieve open and close movement. Ball valves are mainly used for cutting, distribution, and changing the direction of the media flow in pipeline applications. Two-piece ball valves and three piece ball valves are new kinds of valves that have been widely used in recent years.

What is the Structure of Eccentric Semi-Ball Valve

The eccentric semi-ball valve is composed of a body, eccentric shaft, bonnet, spherical cap, axle sleeve, seat, and other components. With 90 degree rotation by eccentric shaft, the valve can achieve open and close movements and plays a role in cutting off the media. Eccentric half-ball valve can avoid friction between the seat and spherical cap and because of the adoption of eccentric crank, there is an eccentricity between the center line of the spherical cap and valve runner. When the valve is open, the crank turns at a slight angle. At this moment, the spherical cap will leave the seat and have no more connection; on the contrary, in the close process, only in the close moment can the spherical cap contact the seat.

Applications of Eccentric Semi-Ball Valve

Eccentric semiball valves are suitable for wastewater treatment, paper pulp, alumina, urban heating, as well as power plants, hydraulic slag removal, or gas pipeline.

Advantages of Eccentric Semi-Ball Valve

With the advantage of simple structure, small size, light weight, convenient use, easy maintenance, and other merits, eccentric semi-ball valves can be used in many industries with high efficiency. As The growing demand for this kind of valve, accelerating the development of eccentric semi-ball valves has been put on the agenda. We do believe that they are bound to make greater contributions to China’s economic construction in the future.

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