PPH Butterfly Valve Manufacturers

What is a PPH Butterfly Valve?

PPH plastic wafer type butterfly valve is one type of high molecular low melt flow rate polypropylene homopolymer butterfly valve. This material has excellent impact strength even at low temperatures.

Details of PPH Butterfly Valve

3StemlCrl8Ni9Ti 45#
5 O-ringEPDM.FPM
8Oriental boardlCrl8Ni9Ti

Features of PPH Butterfly Valve

  • Excellent durability and flow characteristics
  • Excellent anti-corrosion resin, expanding the plastic valve applications
  • Dismountable handle and lock plate, easier operation
  • Handle and lock plate can change the direction of opening and close at 180° according to actual requirements on site

Applications of PPH Butterfly Valve

  • Design & manufacturing: GB/T27725-2011
  • Matching flanges: ANSI, JIS, DIN standards
  • Inspection & testing: API598, GB/T13927

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