Ball Valve By Material

Ball Valve By Material

There are a great number of materials for the ball valves. We use the casting steel for the valve body, but must forged steel for the ball, forged steel for the seat. Ball valves made from different materials can be used in different situations. The following ball valve list of different materials is what we mainly produce. For other product information, you can contact us.

Ball Valves for Sale List by Material

A Wide Range of Materials Used for Ball Valves

A216 WCB, A216 WCC are commonly used material for the ball valve bodies, they are suitable for water, oil, gas, and other non-corrosive media, some times they can also be used for sour service after disposing of NACE MR-01-75 or NACE MR-01-03 and consider corrosion allowance in. It should be noticed that the material is not suitable for low-temperature below -29℃ and high-temperature over 425℃.

A217 WC6, A217 WC9 are usually used for the high-temperature application, usually, the medium is high-temperature steam or hot air, for such application, the valve is with metal to metal seat. But for high-temperature applications, ball valve is not a good option unless it”s mandatory.

A352 LCB, A352 LCC are usually used for the low-temperature application, usually, the medium is of low-temperature but over -46℃ or the valve is installed outdoor in the area of a cold environment. But these materials can not be used for high-temperature over 345℃. If the valve is for cryogenic application, the extended stem may be required.

A351 CF8, A351 CF8M, A351 CF3, A351 CF3M, these austenitic stainless steel are anti-rust and anti-corrosion, suitable for the medium of various kinds of acid. They also perform great for low-temperature and high-temperature application but the cost of them is much higher than carbon steel.

Aluminum-bronze like B148 C95500, B148 C95800 are perfectly suitable for seawater application. Al-Bronze ball valve is widely used in offshore applications and seawater pipelines. Because the cost of it is high, big size ball valve in Al-bronze is barely used.

Duplex Steel A890 4A, A890 5A, SAF2205, S31803 and super duplex steel A890 6A, SAF2507, S32750 have similar application range of Al-Bronze, they have good resistance to chloride corrosion, so they are widely used for seawater application and produced water application.