3/4″ Brass Ball Valve


3/4″ Brass ball valve with (internal-external) threading uses a metal ball with a hole bored through the center, sandwiched between two seats to control flow.

What is a 3/4″ Brass Ball Valve?

ZECO brass ball valve is perfect when looking for a flow control option and is made to work in standard commercial and residential systems using water, oil, gas or steam. Designed to allow maximum flow rate with a full port and easy operation with the lever handle. This valve will be a durable and long lasting solution to your flow control needs.

Applications of 3/4″ Brass Ball Valves

Brass ball valve can be used in residential, commercial plumbing, water wells and many other applications. Ball valves are capable of throttling gases and vapors and are especially useful for low flow situations.

Features of 3/4″ Brass Ball Valves:

  • Screwed Female Ends to IS 554 / BS 21 / ISO 7.
  • Full Bore, Two Piece Design.
  • Quarter Turn, Lever Operated.
  • Provided with Forged Brass Hard Chrome Plated Ball.
  • Glass filled Teflon body rings & gland packing, PTFE Seating.
  • Amazing visual appearance.
  • Chrome Plated Finish.

Material of 3/4″ Brass Ball Valves:

No Part Material
1 Body Brass
2 End Cap Brass
3 Ball Copper Alloy, Chrome Plated
4 Seat PTFE
5 Stem Copper Alloy
6 Thrust Washer PTFE
7 Packing PTFE
8 Gland Copper Alloy
9 Handle Carbon Steel Plated
10 Nut Carbon Steel Plated

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