3 4 ball valve

Our 3/4 inch ball valves are designed, manufactured and distributed directly from our Shanghai headquarters.

Description of 3/4″ Ball alve

3/4″ FNPT x 3/4″ FNPT ball valves are designed for use with compressed air, water or oil to isolate segments of the system without disrupting service to the rest of the system. With its all brass / bronze / forged steel / carbon steel body, solid ball, resilient / metal seals and plated 1/4 turn handle, this ball valve offers a maximum pressure at from 150LB to 2500LB.

They are ideal for throttling and balancing of nonabrasive fluids where minimum flow is 20% to 100% of valve capacity. As the full port design, it ensures minimal pressure drop.

Easy to disassemble and therefore easier to clean more thoroughly than conventional ball valves. These valves are of superior quality stainless steel AISI 316 and have PTFE seals (Teflon). Ideal for both hot and cold temperatures, suitable for mash tuns, hot liquor tanks and brew kettles.

  • heat-resistant up to 180°C
  • connection: 2 x female threads 3/4″, SW Ends, BW Ends,
  • bulkhead kit 3/4″ available to mount these valves on a brew kettle without welding

Full port ball valves are designed for use with air, oil, water and other media compatible with the materials of construction. Ideal where lead free and NSF approved construction are required for potable drinking water or other general industrial applications. Valves can be manually operated with stainless steel lever or direct mounted to air or electric actuators using the standard ISO5211 mounting pad. Turning the valve one quarter turn rotates the ball from closed to the full open position. Latch locking device allows for pad locking the valve in either the open or closed position.

High performance ball and stem are made of 316 stainless steel rather than the typical plated brass. Energized RPTFE ball seats are designed for low torque and extended cycle life. These ball valves offer a unique triple PTFE/Viton leak free stem seal design. When automating the valve, lower operating torque equates to the use of a smaller size actuator, which in turn leads to a smaller profile and a less expensive package.

This NPTF ball valve controls the flow of liquid for 3/4 in. pipe. It features a full-port design and lead-free brass construction.

Features of 3/4″ Ball Valve

Full-port design for a larger body than standard valves, offering little to no resistance to flow. Lead-free brass construction for use with plumbing, irrigation systems and more.

Applications of 3/4″ Ball Valve

Controls liquid flow for 3/4 in. pipe for a variety of applications, including plumbing, irrigation and more, and is ideal for applications requiring little to no flow loss.

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