Cast Steel Floating Ball Valve


Cast Steel Floating Ball Valve

Cast Steel Floating Ball Valve
Cast Steel Floating Ball Valve
Cast Steel Floating Ball ValveZeco’s cast steel floating ball valves are designed with two seats, one located upstream of the ball and the other downstream of the ball. Upstream pressure pushes the ball down the downstream side seat, completely closing the flow control.


This kind of floating ball valve has a ball supported by two valve seats. Under the medium pressure effect, a certain displacement can be generated by the ball itself so as to be pressed onto the seat seal ring at the outlet, guaranteeing tightness at the outlet. The floating ball valve is mainly divided into such two structures as the single-body type and double-body type.


1. Split body design with flanged ends for fast installation, in-line maintenance and rebuilding;

2. Solid ball construction provides structural integrity and minimizes flow turbulence;

3. Bottom-loaded blow-out proof stem;

4. Body joint is designed to prevent excessive compression of valve internals, resulting in a consistent and low operating torque;

5. Special elastomeric double seal seat structure for high pressure, low pressure and vacuum sealing.

Product Range:

Body material: carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel

Nominal diameter:1/2”~10”(DN15~DN250)

End Connection: RF, BW, THR

Pressure range: Class150 – 300(PN16~PN40)

Operation: wrench, worm gear, electric, etc

Brand Zeco
Valve Type Cast Steel Floating Ball Valve
Valve Material Cast steel, stainless steel, special alloy, etc
Valve Test 100% quantity tested before delivery
Valve Guarantee 18 months from the date of dispatch ex works, or 12 months from date of commodity installation.
Valve Painting Customer request
Valve Package Wooden case
MOQ No requirement
Valve Certificate API 6D/CE/ISO9001/ISO14001
Delivery Detail Shipped in 4 or 6 weeks after payment
Payment Terms L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T
Certificate Offered Packing List, Commercial Invoice, Test Reports and Material Certificates, Certificate of quality and quantity, Seller’s Certificate of Guarantee

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