1 2 ball valve

This 1/2 in ball valve can be used in residential and commercial potable water applications & oil gas industry, suitable for a full range of liquids and gases. ball valves control liquid flow in a pipe. A lever opens or closes a spherical port that allows liquid flow through the system.

The 1/2 in ball valve can be divided into one piece ball valve, two piece ball valve and three piece ball valve, even if the bore is so small.

  • One Piece Ball Valve
  • Two Piece Ball Valve
  • Three Piece Ball Valve

The Features of 1/2″ Ball Valve

  • Easy to Be Automated (No Madification requir)

Featuring a new intregal molded top flange. The 1 2 ball valve can easily be converted from the manual to automatic without replacing the body.

  • Simple Installation on Panel Piping

New bottom stand with an insert hole allows the valve to be secured on bench or panel only by inserting a metallic insert.

  • Double-O-ring

The stem uses a double-O-ring, sealing arrangement improving durability sealing performance. The upper O-ring groove is deeper than the lower O-ring groove. Because of this design, the stem would break first at the upper O-ring groove, acting as a back up seal.

  • Multi Functional Handle

Removing the handle and placing the raised lugs into the carrier allow for easy disassembly of the valve. *The handle has another color.(blue, white, yellow)

Product Specification

Application Water, Oil & Gas
Standards API 608 / API 6D / ISO 17292 etc
Connection NPT / BSPT / SW / BW / RF / RTJ
Full Bore Full Bore / Reduced Bore
Operation Lever Opearted / Gear Operated / Electric Operated / Pneumatic Operated
Lockable Additional options
Material DZR Brass, Bronze , Carbon Steel, Forged Steel, Stainless Steel or Duplex Steel
Pressure Rating 200~2000WOG, PN16~420, 150LB~2500LB
Size 1/2 inch
Type 1/2″ Ball Valve

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