2 inch Brass Ball Valve


Brass Ball Valve

What is a 2 inch Brass Ball Valve?

Brass ball valves are greatly used in commercial and industrial applications for a full range of liquids and gases. ZECO 2″ brass ball valve is used to control the passage of liquids, oils, gases, and is equipped with a comfortable handle to open and close the valve with ease.

Technical Specifications of 2 inch Brass Ball Valve

  • 2″ NPT threaded on both ends
  • 600 WOG / 150 SWP
  • 1/4-Turn Steel Handle
  • Blow Out Proof Stem
  • Teflon Seats
  • Threaded Ends Meet w/ ANSI B2.1
Weight 3.3 lbs
Item Name 2 in. NPTF Brass Full Port Ball Valve
Connection Size 2 in.
Port Opening Full port
Ball Material Stainless steel
Pressure Class 600 PSI Non-Shock WOG
Connection Type NPTF
Pressure Rating (PSI) 600
Operation Type 1/4 turn
Stem Material Lead-free brass
Housing Material Lead-free brass
Seal Material PTFE
Temperature Rating -30 to 150°C (-20 to 300°F)

Advantages of 2 inch Brass Ball Valve

Full-port design for a larger body than standard valves, offering little to no resistance to flow. Lead-free brass construction for use with plumbing, irrigation systems and more.

Applications of 2 inch Brass Ball Valve

Controls liquid flow for 2 in. pipe for a variety of applications, including plumbing, irrigation and more, and is ideal for applications requiring little to no flow loss.

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