Dual Plate Check Valve


Dual Plate Check Valve

Consisting of 2 discs attached to the valve body by a pin and operated by the action of springs, which immediately start closing the valve, when the fluid stops, dual plate check valves are used to prevent back flow and also work as a prevention for water hammer.
Dual Plate Check Valves are made from a wide range materials including cast iron, special stainless steels, ect. They can be soft seat or metal seat construction and also have the ability to adjust the spring torque according to the application, which makes it a product suitable for general and special purposes.

Features of Dual Plate Check Valve:

  1. Patented retainer-less design – High integrity sealing, facilitates quick disassembly at site;
  2. Two independent seats – Consistent sealing even in uneven flow;
  3. Raised profile of the soft seat enhances sealing;
  4. Integrally moulded liner;
  5. Stopper pin prevents the discs from coming into contact with each other and thus prevents disc damage. The stopper pin also prevents spring failure by ensuring that the discs don’t travel beyond the full-open position;
  6. For sizes 6” and above, lifting eyebolt option is provided;
  7. Drain connections provided on demand

Material of Dual Plate Check Valve:

No Part Material
1 Body ASTM A216 WCB
2 Seat Ring 13Cr
3 Disc ASTM A216 WCB
4 Spring InconelX 750
5 Pin ASTM A182 F6a

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