How to Extend the Life of Electric Ball Valve

Electric ball valves are divided into explosion-proof and non-explosion-proof types, which are widely used in natural gas, oil products, paper making, chemical plants, mechanical equipment, and other fields. In the face of such a large amount of usage. The problem of how to improve the efficiency and cost savings of this electrically operated ball valve, and prolong the service life of the valve is undoubtedly the most concern of every customer.

So what kind of methods can prolong the service life of electric ball valves? We summarize the following methods for you as a reference:

Pre-use inspection method:

Valves must be checked for debris or iron filings before use, which is beyond doubt.

Medium scouring method:

It can use the scouring function of the medium to scour and take away things that are easy to precipitate and plug, so as to improve the anti-blocking function of the valve.

External scouring method:

For some medium which is easy to precipitate and contains solid particles, when it adopts electric actuated ball valve, there are often problems of blockage of throttle and guide. Scouring gas and steam can be attached to the bottom plug of the lower valve cover. When the valve is blocked or jammed, the external gas or steam valve can be opened to complete the flushing work without moving the electric ball valve, so that the electric ball valve can operate normally.

Cleaning method:

welding slag, rust and slag in pipeline are easy to cause blockage of pipeline passage in throttle and guide parts, which is the most common fault. In this case, it must be unloaded for cleaning, slag removal, if the sealing surface is damaged, it should also be grinded. At the same time, the bottom plug should be opened to wash away the slag falling from the balance hole into the lower valve cover and flush the pipeline. Before putting into operation, the electric ball valve should be fully opened and the medium should flow for a period of time before it is brought into normal work.

The above four methods are the most basic way to prolong the service life of electric ball valves. Hope they will be helpful to you.

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