How Users Maintain Stainless Steel Ball Valve Correctly

Stainless steel ball valves are widely used in valves as a general purpose valve, which consumes a lot of money. Therefore, reasonable maintenance and protection of stainless steel ball valves can not only improve work efficiency, but also reduce maintenance time and save replacement costs.

Stanless steel ball valves suppliers generally remind users to pay attention to the following elements in order to make the ball valve function stable and have long life.

  • 1. Before operation, water should be used to clean the pipeline and the part of the valve body overflow in order to prevent residual iron chips and other debris from entering the valve body cavity.
  • 2. In the closed state, the local media in the valve body of stainless steel ball valve remains and it also bears certain pressure. Before repairing the ball valve, the shutoff valve in front of the ball valve should be closed, the ball valve in need of repairing should be opened, and the internal pressure of the valve body should be fully released. If it is an electric ball valve or a pneumatic ball valve, it should first disconnect the power supply and air source.
  • 3. Ordinary soft-sealed ball valves are made of PTFE as sealing material, and the sealing surface of hard-sealed ball valves is made of metal surfacing. If the pipe ball valve needs to be cleaned, caution should be taken to avoid damage to the sealing ring and leakage when it is disassembled.
  • 4. When the ball valve is disassembled and assembled, the bolts and nuts on the flange should be fixed first, then all nuts should be tightened slightly, and finally firmly fixed. If a single nut is fixed forcibly first and then other nuts are fixed, the gasket surface will be damaged or cracked due to the uneven receipt between the flanges, which will lead to leakage of the butt media of the valve flange.
  • 5. If the valve is cleaned, the solvent used must not conflict with the parts to be cleaned and corrode them. If it is a special ball valve for gas, gasoline can be used for cleaning. Other parts can be washed with medium water. When cleaning, we should completely clean the residual dust, oil and other attachments. If it cannot be washed with clean water, it can be cleaned with alcohol and other cleaning agents without damaging the valve body and parts. After the cleaning is completed, install it after the cleaning agent evaporates completely.
  • 6. If a slight leak is found in the packing during operation, the stem nut can be slightly hastened until the leak stops. If it does not work, keep tightening.
  • 7. Long-term open storage will lead to corrosion of the valve body and components, which can not be used properly. Ball valves should be rainproof, waterproof, moisture-proof and tightly covered with flange caps. Valves stored for more than 12 months should be tested from scratch to ensure functional stability.

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