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Varnasan Vana

Varnasan Vana, established in 1976, is specialized in producing various types of valves, such as butterfly, control, safety, ball, pneumatic actuator, steam traps, and needle valves. The company both require offering trade …


Founded in 1969, Istanbul’s LTD CO. AKVAN ship valve, steam water, drinking water installations of the town city facilities on-time delivery and quality materials types with importance given to leaders is an organization …


We are the manufacturer and sell ball valve. We have got ISO 9001 Certificate and TSE certificate.

ZECO Valve

ZECO Valve Group was established in 1991, based in Shanghai, China. We are an API 6D industrial valve and water valve manufacturer. The main products are a wedge gate valve, globe valve, floating ball valve, trunnion mounted ball valve, check, and butterfly valve.

China Stainless Steel Butterfly Valve Factory & Supplier

ZECO Valve is a professional butterfly valve company with a productive factory; we are the best butterfly valve manufacturer and supplier in China.

Stainless Steel Butterfly Valve

A Butterfly valve is a valve that can be used for isolating or regulating flow.

The body of Butterfly valves may be made of metals, such as Forged Steel Butterfly valves, Stainless Steel Butterfly valves, Alloy Butterfly valves, Bronze Butterfly valves Cast Steel Butterfly valves, Carbon Steel Butterfly valves, etc. ZECO Valve mainly produces Forged Steel Butterfly valves according to the standard of API 609 and Stainless Steel Butterfly valves according to the standard of API 603; we call them API 609 Forged Steel Butterfly valves and API 603 Stainless Steel Butterfly valves. The body can also be made of Non-metal Materials. For example, Ceramic Butterfly valves are erosion-resisting, wear-resisting, cavitation-resisting, and antioxidant. Besides that, some Butterfly valve materials are special, like Special Alloy Butterfly valves, Special Steel Butterfly valves, Hastelloy Butterfly valves, etc. Transmitting and processing of heavily corrosive media, Duplex Stainless Steel Butterfly valves or super Stainless Steel Butterfly valves are usually selected to mitigate the problems, for they can work well in the area with corrosive surroundings.

According to the connection type, Butterfly valves can be divided into 4 types.

  • 1、Wafer Butterfly valves
    • Equipped with a tightly fitting seal, o ring, and a flat valve face, Wafer Butterfly valves have good flow control, which assures unidirectional flow.
  • 2、Flanged Butterfly valves
    • These Flanged Butterfly valves with flanges on both ends. The flange ends connect with the flanges on the pipeline by bolts.
  • 3、Lug-Style Butterfly valves
    • A Lug-Style Butterfly valve has the function of reducing pressure rating.
  • 4、Welded Butterfly valves
    • Butt Weld Butterfly valves and Socket Weld Butterfly valves are two commonly used Welded Butterfly valves. These valves are enclosed, helping to both on-off and regulate service.

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