Installation Precautions and Daily Maintenance of Motorized Gate Valve

I. Installation Precautions of Motorized Gate Valve

  • 1. Pay attention that there are some requirements for the sequence of opening devices when installing the valves. The basic requirement is keeping the same according to the rotation angle of the valve plate. Additionally, the valve disc should be installed on the position with the marking of close.
  • 2. When installing the motorized gate valve, if some product has a bypass valve, you must first open the bypass valve, and then install it. After completion, you can directly open the valve device.
  • 3. You must follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions step by step strictly, and if there are some relatively large motorized gate valve devices, you must also pay special attention to the selection of the installation base.

II. Daily Maintenance of Motorized Gate Valve

  • 1. Usually, place the equipment in a dry and ventilated environment, instead of making the surroundings very humid. Motorized gate valves that have not been used for a long time should be blocked at both ends.
  • 2. Usually, check the motorized gate valve frequently, especially when it is not used for a long time. If there is dirt on the surface without cleaning for a long time, it will directly affect its working performance. The performance of the valve can be guaranteed after coating the surface of the motorized gate valve with anti-rust oil, avoiding the circumstance of the rusty surface.
  • 3. The protection of the motorized gate valve is not solely paying attention to the protection when it is placed. The valves that are put into use also need various maintenance, such as checking whether the valve sealing surface is worn and whether the wear problem is serious. If the wear is not serious, you can continue to use it. When the wear is serious, the motorized gate valve should be replaced.
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