Valves for Industrial Cooling Towers

Balancing Valve Types – PICV, DPCV, Static Balancing Valve

The common types of balancing valves in HVAC systems are mainly static hydraulic balancing valves for eliminating static hydraulic imbalance and realizing … Read more

Wet Bulb Temperature and Cooling Tower Performance

What does Wet Bulb Temperature Mean? Wet-bulb temperature accounts for both heat and humidity, unlike the standard temperature measurement you see on … Read more

Cooling Towers: Operating Principles and Systems & Cooling Tower Valves

The huge, perfectly shaped cylindrical towers stand tall amidst a landscape, with vapor billowing from their spherical, open tops into the blue … Read more

Delta Cooling Towers – Cooling Tower Valve Performance

What is a Cooling Tower Valve? Cooling tower valves are devices designed to control, regulate, distribute, allow, or disallow the passage of … Read more

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