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Saudi Arabia is known for its Petroleum and Oil & Gas Industry and an increase in the demand for butterfly valves in those industries have increased the number of butterfly valves suppliers. It is difficult to choose from so many options for butterfly valve supplies in Saudi Arabia, but do not worry!

After thorough research, we have made a list of some of the top valve manufacturer Saudi Arabia that will provide high-quality valves to you.

AVK Valve

Founded: 1985

Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is a part of The AVK Group, a privately owned industrial group that currently comprises more than 100 companies.

AVK’s core business is the production of valves, hydrants, and accessories for water, gas, sewage treatment, and fire protection. Furthermore, AVK has built up strong brands supplying valves and controls for water treatment, dams, reservoirs, HVAC, chemical processing, marine, and other industrial sectors. AVK SVMC has its production facility and sales office in Jeddah, KSA as well as express service centers in Riyadh, Dammam, and Buraidah.

AVK SVMC is producing a wide range of valves, fittings, and fire hydrants according to BS, AWWA, and DIN and meeting other international standards and customer specifications. AVK Product range is approved by all major clients in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia such as Saudi Aramco, Water authorities, Royal Commission, Marafiq, SWCC, SABIC, Civil Defense, Ma’aden, National Water Company, etc. Products produced at AVK SVMC are also exported to all GCC countries, Middle East, Europe, Asia, and African countries too

ZECO Valve

Founded: 1991

Certification: ISO, API 6D, API 600

ZECO Valves is one of the leading Valves Supplier, Manufacturers & Stockists in Saudi Arabia. ZECO Valves supplier and exports to most countries such as Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, India, etc. ZECO Valves manufactures high-quality valves of all types. ZECO Valves offers a wide range of Valves. These Valves come in various sizes, shapes, and dimensions and can be modified to match our customers’ specific requirements. ZECO Valves sells and distributes valves that have been thoroughly tested. Valves at ZECO Valves are subjected to many toughness and hardness tests before being distributed to our customers. Our Valves and various variants are manufactured in Saudi Arabia under international standards.

Our high-quality Valves are specifically intended for the chemical industries, fire prevention systems, and shipping industries, among other applications, including controlling water for irrigation, industrial uses for handling processes, and residential uses. Valves, and their various varieties, are created and developed to meet international quality standards. Valves are made from the highest quality raw materials. We can also customize Valves and other types to meet the needs of our customers In Saudi Arabia. ZECO Valves offers a wide range of Valves. Such as Ball Valves, Butterfly Valves, Gate Valves, Strainer Valves, Check Valves, Globe Valves & more.


SPSV, headquartered in a second industrial city, Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is a diversified manufacturer of valves for the energy industries. born in 2012 – thanks to the joint venture of OMB Valves (Italy), IVM (Saudi Arabia), and Orion Valves (Italy) – with the purpose to meet the surging demand of the Saudi and gulf oil & gas industry, nowadays SPSV is a globally well recognized manufacturer of forged and cast steel valves with manufacturing operations in the heart of middle east. the company sells its products both to engineering companies and to end users, manufacturing a complete line of steel ball, gate, globe, and check valves. SPSV operates a state-of-the-art plant with the latest technology in terms of manufacturing, testing, and painting to offer high integrity products qualified for the most severe services.

SPSV operates a state of the art plant with the latest manufacturing, testing, and painting technology to offer high integrity products qualified for the most severe services.

In 2012, IVM, OMG, and ORION joined forces to establish SPSV to meet the surging demand of the Saudi and Gulf oil & gas industry.

On off valve manufacturers

An ON/OFF Valve is the fluid counterpart of an electrical switch, a device that enables unrestricted flow or prevents it entirely. These valves are frequently used to move process fluid between locations, start and halt batch processes, and activate automated safety (shutdown) features.
Ball, gate, and globe valves are often used for on/off service. Large on/off valves are usually constructed in such a way that the full-open position gives a nearly unobstructed passage for fluid to flow through. This is exactly what ball, Globe, and gate valves do:

    • A huge metal valve with a lever handle is known as a ball valve. The valve opens and closes entirely with a brief 1/4 turn of the lever handle, making it ideal for the quick turn-off. This is the sort of valve that is commonly found at the home’s main water shutoff. The body of the valve below the handle will normally have a thicker central piece where the ball inside fits, making it easy to spot. A hole runs through the middle of the internal ball. When the valve is opened, the hole aligns with the water pipe’s direction, allowing water to flow. The ball spins 90 degrees when the handle is closed, blocking the hole in the ball.
    • The mechanism that opens and closes the valve is referred to as a gate valve. A circular handle is twisted to raise or lower a metal gate inside the valve body to turn a gate valve on or off. The gate prevents water from flowing while the valve is closed. The gate valve, like the ball valve, is an all-or-nothing valve that allows full flow or shuts it off totally. A gate valve, like a ball valve, is a huge metal valve. These are more widespread in industrial applications than they are in home plumbing. However, one may be found in charge of your main water line or another large water pipe. They’ve been seen to appear on the pipe leading to a hot water boiler.
    • A globe valve looks like a ball valve from the exterior, with a slightly bulbous metal body. A globe valve, also known as a ball valve, is a type of valve that allows for variable water flow control. There is a baffle inside the valve with a water flow port running through it. The plunger is operated by the handle, which has a washer or seal on the bottom. The plunger pushes down against the water-flow port as the handle shuts the valve, partially closing it off. When you turn the handle, you can usually feel the plunger inside the valve tight en. This valve is utilized when the flow of water needs to be controlled in a variable manner.

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